Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer or fall?

weather: 57-68, clear, light NNE winds
route: Thiensville, clockwise
time & distance: 2:10, 34.5
critter report: 3 bunnies, 1 deer, 1 heron, 1 black-tailed cat, 1 dog mid-poop

Despite the promise of an 80 degree August day, the early morning had a decidedly autumnal feel to it. The temperature at the Pair's abode was a balmy 63, but - as they ventured north and towards the river - it dropped down to a downright chilly 57. Adding to the fallish feel was the promise of NFL Preseason Football on the teevee tonight (go Colts!) and passing by Concordia University which is hosting the St. Louis Rams' summer training camp. Was Owl sensing something extraordinary this morning with her choice of pre-ride online teevee selection whilst knitting? Instead of her usual TPIR (on summer hiatus), she opted for watching a replay of the 2008 Orange Bowl game featuring Virginia Tech and Kansas. Football season cannot come fast enough for one member of the Intrepid Duo!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What day is it?

weather: 71, overcast, light SE winds
route: Thiensville (counter-clockwise)
time & distance: 2:05, 34.5
critter report: 6 bunnies, 3 fawns, 1 scrappy and scary springer dog

Monkey's first day of a well-deserved vacation and this rare occasion was marked by a fine, long ride. But, since they normally do such routes on a Sunday, both Owl and Monkey were decidedly confused by the heavier traffic on I-43 and Lake Drive. Poor working slobs trudging to the office during rush hour while the Intrepid Pair indulge in a life of leisure!

The trek to Thiensville was altogether pleasant and both Owl and Monkey encountered no troubles on any of the hills. Owl commented afterwards that it was most encouraging to put in nearly 35 miles and have it feel like a comparative breeze.

This ride was the first of the season to Thiensville which is an altogether charming town and Owl certainly would have no objection to living there (except that it is notoriously conservative). Yet, there are lovely little shops, cafes like Fiddleheads, pretty Victorian homes, and one Pink Flamingo Garden!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mequon's Polygamist Sect?

weather: 63, clear, 10 mph NNW
route: Northerly W->E meander to Donges Bay (no Hill) with Upper River Rd. loop
time & distance: 1:41, 26.5 mi.
critter report: 1 fuzzy-antlered deer, 6 bunnies (better!), 3 ducks

Ah...Wednesday morning dawns with a promise of a lovely pre-work ride. Owl and Monkey set off northwards and, despite just a slightly pesky north wind now and again, the conditions were nearly perfect.

Monkey didn't quite feel like taking on The Hill on Donges Bay and led his Owl around a slight detour on Upper River Road where there are one too many McMansions...good gracious, how big of a house and lawn does one really, truly need? Case in point. It never ceases to amaze Owl that people probably pay a great deal to have a lawn service cut these huge plots...why bother? It would be so much nicer if they let Nature do her own work.

Once again, Owl counts the blessing that is Virmono Park (yeah, yeah...she knows now that it really is Virmond, but it will always be Virmono in her brain). While making their customary pitstop, Owl and Monkey came upon this trio, a male duck and his "harem"...might it be Mequon's very own polygamist sect? It would have been something had the females donned some fundy fashion!

Weekend Recap

Saturday, July 5th
weather: 56, partly cloudy, variable wind
route: the usual Saturday meander to Schlitz via Ravine Dr.
time & distance: 1:08, 18.6 miles
critter report: 1 deer, 1 groundhog, 2 bunnies

As it was just a mere 51 when 6 am rolled around, Monkey and Owl decided to cool their jets for a bit until the temperature climbed to slightly more comfortable levels. While Monkey was practically back asleep before reaching the bed, Owl - in very atypical Owl behavior, FELL BACK ASLEEP TOO! At the computer, no less. Egads, is the world coming to an end??

It was nearly 7:30 by the time they made it out to the bikes and with her internal clock all askew, Owl didn't feel like doing much at all. However, once she got outside, felt the nice, warm sun, she just couldn't let such a day pass her by - boy, was she ever glad she made the right decision! Another wonderful ride...

Sunday, July 6th
61, clear, 9 mph S
route: Donges Bay via The Hill with Pheasant Rd./
University School loop
time & distance: 1:45, 28.9 miles
critter report: 1 deer, 3 bunnies

A slightly shorter route for Our Pair this Sunday as Owl just wasn't feeling into it and a little fatigued throughout. But, just like yesterday, she was sure glad she persevered and had a delightful ride.

Where, oh where are all the bunnies?? It was not uncommon to see 10-20 bunnies on such a ride, but this summer has been unfortunately rather bunny-less!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Power of Bacon

weather: 61, light SW wind, sunny
route: Donges Bay loop, W->E
time & distance: 1:39, 26.4
critter report: many ex-animals, 3 rabbits, 2 deer, 1 hat lady, 1 wanderin' pooch

Lovely, the sun warm and the air cool this morning, with only a light breeze not really kicking up till the home stretches of the ride. Critter action concentrated around Donges Bay and Lake Shore Dr, just after our customary lavatory layover at Virmond Park. First Owl did her level best to hoosh a pair of deer back from the road, who simply stood placidly and watched us pass, then went back to grazing. Then we passed a squat little terrier type dog trotting along happily at the roadside. We hope he was just a local pooch out for a stroll and sniff of his territories and that he made his way home safely.

En route home Owl observed a curious thing: apparently I, Monkey, have a Pavlovian response to the smell of bacon. We sometimes pass Pandl's on our way home, and it always smells richly of morning savor, bacon and sausages fried up for the breakfast-brunch crowds. Two or three times now when we've passed this way, Owl tells me, I've gone on to order bacon on one of my usual Sunday post-ride bagel sandwiches. Hmmm. I certainly have no objections to further investigation of this possibility!


Saturday 6/28

weather: 67, 8 mph wind, partly cloudy
route: County Line loop, counterclockwise
time & distance: 1:16, 19.5
critter report: 2 rabbits, 1 musical dog-walker

A fine ride, weather very nearly perfect. I don't even remember the most noteworthy sight. Owl reports spotting a "mandolin-playing dog-walker in Whitefish Bay." Man what? Perhaps she'll chime in with a comment on that.

The thing is our rides and our gym workouts are my dedicated brainstorming time. I keep my mind busy with some notion or another, whether it be roughing out rap lyrics or places and plots for my WoAdWriMo project. All well and good, but sometimes I need to open up my eyes and see the world around me!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nemesis Hills #1

weather: 62, partly to mostly cloudy, light southerly wind
route: Donges Bay to Range Line (counter clockwise northerly meander)
time & distance: 1:28; 23.1
critter report: 4 bunnies, 1 deer, 1 smooshed baby raccoon (the same?), 1 disco cyclist

Ah, the first pre-work ride of the year...finally!

Near perfect weather conditions led Owl and Monkey on a northerly meander just before dawn today. Sheer delight.

Owl, feeling all cocky, decided it was time to hit the infamous "Nemesis Hills" - for Owl, it is what she refers to Church Hill on River Road next to St. Christopher's Episcopal and, for Monkey, Green Tree just north of Port Washington Road. These aren't that steep nor long and normally wouldn't bother the Intrepid Pair in the slightest. But, Owl theorizes that hers is due to the fact that Church Hill comes always at the end of a ride and Green Tree is so freakin' bumpy! Anyway, hatred of said hills was confirmed this morning...but they really weren't that bad. It's just fun to hate them so.

On the way to the Nemesis Hills, they encountered the Disco Cyclist - some older dude with really tricked out 3 blinking front headlights. Either he's a) had a crash or close encounter with a car in the early a.m., b) overly cautious, or c) just a little odd. Owl thinks it might be all d) all of the above.

As far as critters are concerned, it seems like they always see a deer at this time near Donges Bay. Today was no different: